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Advocacy Masterclass 
3rd March 2022, London

Advocacy is often the most effective, and cost-effective, way of multiplying impact. It’s also often the most misunderstood and mystifying element of how change happens. This Masterclass, led by Helen Morton, aims to shift that perception, offering insider insights and practical tools that you can immediately apply to your advocacy.


In this intimate, intensive, day-long masterclass expect to learn:

  • Theory - a rapid tour of the theory that underpins effective advocacy approaches

  • Tools - the top three tools that are pre-requisites for dramatic progress

  • Techniques - practical tips and insights to make you a more compelling advocate


Grounded in real-world, high-impact examples of effective advocacy, this Masterclass will provide time to get practical – making a start with proven (but not widely known) techniques to hone your influence whatever the cause or reach of your organisation. It will also help demonstrate the difference between advocacy, campaigns and communications and which to employ to most effectively achieve your goals.


The course will be ideal for leaders who want to hone their high-level influencing skills. Come prepared to share your most pressing professional or organisational challenge, and to leave with a greater sense of clarity, confidence, and the tools to tackle it.

Early Bird Rate: Sign Up By 13th January


About Helen

Helen Morton has over 15 years of experience designing and delivering impactful international advocacy, with NGOs from Save the Children and RNLI to BRAC and Warchild. She is currently a political advocacy consultant for the World Health Organization and has recently completed a posting supporting the Executive Office of the United Nations Secretary General.


Passionate about making change happen, Helen started her career supporting colleagues from Beijing to Brasilia to develop the confidence and capability to become change-makers. For the past decade Helen has focused on diplomatic advocacy - specifically in NYC and Geneva - from leading SDG NGO negotiations to securing an historic UN General Assembly resolution. In her spare time Helen is likely to be found exploring with her 4-year-old girl wonder, tumbling at aerial yoga, or on the bench as a Family Court Magistrate.

naomi dickson.jpg

Naomi Dickson
CEO, Jewish Women's Aid

Thanks for a fantastic masterclass! Helen is an exceptional presenter and it was a really informative and well structured day, I got so much out of it! 


lindsey macdonald.jpg

Lindsey MacDonald
CEO, Magic Breakfast

A very big thank you to each of you for the impact you made with the masterclass on Friday. It was apparent how much time and consideration had gone into the planning and certainly our experience of the day was overwhelmingly valuable. As you said, it’s a significant investment (we all too often forget to make) in time for personal development, thinking, and planning. It was 100% worth it and has sparked all kinds of thought.


Rosemary O'Mahony
Chair, 1001fontaines UK

Helen is exceptionally knowledgeable and generous in sharing her knowledge. She had lots of specific examples to illustrate her recommendations and had very concrete suggestions for 1001fontaines and for each of the other participating organisations. 

Join Us and Learn How to Multiply Your Impact

Date:                    Friday 3rd March, 10am – 4pm

Location:             Central London

Price:                   £480 inclusive of VAT - £420 including VAT if you sign up before the 13th January

Only 10 places available

For more details please contact Stephen Harvey

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