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Our Principles

The following principles guide all of the work we undertake with our clients. 

  • We operate as trusted critical friends focused on clarity of purpose, strategic prioritisation and getting things done.

  • We do not write long reports - we focus on action and provide brief updates and as many calls as the client desires.

  • We charge on a retainer or project fee basis to ensure a focus on deliverables rather than bill for time.

  • We have a network of trusted expert associates that we can bring in to support clients, where we believe others know more, or our time can be better spent on other activities for the client.

  • We can diagnose, navigate and help with board, team and/or family dynamics where needed.

  • We take on a maximum of two or three clients at a time in order to ensure we provide deep support and expertise.

  • We work as a team of two to ensure better thinking from complementary skills, cognitive styles and networks. 

  • We work within the client's preferred level of engagement (hands-on v hands-off) but rely on deliberate communication and hard truth both ways to ensure alignment and trust.

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