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We provide direct support in board development, management and governance transitions.


We help scope profiles for senior management teams and boards, and provide recruitment, on-boarding and coaching.


We work alongside trustees to support them in becoming less operational and more strategic in focus.



We have implementation expertise in:

  • Programmes

  • Fundraising

  • Communications and advocacy

  • Team building and management

  • Financial Management Systems

  • Digital Strategy and Product Management

  • HR systems

  • Risk management

  • Governance and Audit Activities

  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

We focus on ''learning by doing'', testing causal activities, team requirements, and other critical path items to achieve results quickly with realistic timeframes. 



We help organisations or individuals to define their desired sphere of impact,

based on internal drivers and external gaps.


These must be transformed into clear and measurable goals supported by a Theory of Change. 


We emphasise organisational values, principles and culture.



We work with teams to define KPIs that can be quickly tested, simple and measurable. This includes social return on investment measures. 


We believe in building M&E approaches appropriate to the stage, scale and ambition of the organisation.


We understand both the benefits and limits of metrics, and use them to learn and communicate.

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We work alongside organisations to develop and test their Theory of Change / Strategy.

We help organisations focus on their mission and develop the core competences necessary to achieve it, working smarter over time based on learning from innovation, action and evidence.

This might include whether to pursue direct operations, build partnerships or act as grant makers/intermediaries.



We provide a unique combination of coaching, advice and networking support to individuals and teams who need a 'critical friend'. This includes:

  • Thought partnering to CEOs, trustees and directors. 

  • Conflict resolution

  • Career transition guidance 

  • Individual coaching 

  • Team coaching and development

We are expert facilitators who support clients to design and deliver the outcomes of their Away Days or other Workshops. 

We draw on mediation experts where necessary to help clients resolve difficult dynamics or disputes. 


We help our clients focus on clarity of mission and to align their people, processes and strategy to deliver greater impact. 

We enable boards to move towards more effective governance and collective decision making. Many are impressive leaders in other fields and have partnered with us to better understand and lead effectively in the social impact sector. We also offer a short course for trustees to help the boards of social impact organisations work smarter. 

We partner with senior leadership teams and boards to help them work in synergy, developing and delivering strategies that are aligned to achieving their mission. 

We work with founders at the beginning of their journey, helping them to develop the principles, values and approach which will guide them, as well as navigating them from initial idea to fully developed organisations. 


We support organisations to move and evolve successfully beyond founder stage.

Our expertise includes the following key areas: 

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