By partnering with boards, founders and senior leadership teams we have helped many organisations with a social purpose work smarter and scale their impact. 


Our work has ranged from in-depth board strategy days to projects delivering long term organisational change to helping founders define and establish their own social impact. 

Our approach is built upon many years of on the ground experience across a range of sectors including: 

  • International Development

  • Higher Education, Education, Early Childhood Development

  • Youth Employment and Training

  • Health, HIV/AIDS, Young People and Mental Health

  • Urban Development / Cities, Local Government / Decentralisation 

  • SME Development, Local Economic Development, International Trade, Industrial Strategy


"Bateleur Partners was central to guiding and implementing a new strategy and operating plan for KHULA. Kate and Stephen brought with them an intellectually driven yet practical framework, a clear understanding of the environment in which we operate and real directional advice.


In a short time, all the stakeholders involved agreed a new and ambitious vision along with the path to implementation. Bateleur Partners then stayed with us, recruiting our new CEO from their own superb network, and advising on a revised management structure for the organisation.


Positive change is already visible after only one year, and the successes in the field and in fundraising are profound."

Robin Woodhead, Chairman, KHULA Education and Chairman, Sotheby's International


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