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Launch of A Network for Jewish Women

On 21-22 January I was privileged to make the opening presentation at the launch of a network for professional Jewish women. The event was hosted by the London Stock Exchange and brought together over 200 women from the worlds of business and philanthropy to forge new partnerships, learn from each other and share their knowledge and networks.

Networking has played a critical role in my life and career so I was delighted to present on how to leverage your social and professional capital - a subject I am passionate about. The talk was very well received and I'm looking forward to following up on future opportunities to speak at other events and workshops, especially on the ‘’how to’’ of networking. It has also resulted in exciting potential collaborations for Bateleur Partners in our ‘’cross-over’’ space between Impact Investment, Strategy and Innovation. It is clear that in today's world it is networks that are the most powerful forces for sharing, learning, collaboration and growth.

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